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strategic brand design 


Eden Road aspire to be a game changer in the sexual and intimacy product industry by creating a space that makes the purchasing of sex toys an intimate and unintimidating experience. They think that sexual pleasure should be explored by everyone – regardless of age, background or experience.


For Eden Road’s brand design, we wanted it to feel elevated and luxurious, whilst also showing aspects that root the design in nature. It was also important that the brand design felt feminine and romantic - whilst also feeling inclusive. The use of empowering, inclusive and intimate imagery is a huge part of how we can position this brand and appeal to the target audience.

Strategic Brand Design
Intentional Brand Design


Eden Road aspire to be a high-end, beautiful and boutique brand that prides themselves in curating an exceptional, empowering journey of discovery for their customers. Every element of their branding has been created to instil feelings of empowerment and confidence for their target audience, whilst also positioning themselves as an aspirational and luxurious offering.

Packaging Design
Strategic Logo Design
Ecommerce website design
Brand Pattern
Brand Pattern
Intentional Brand Design
Brand Colour palette
Intentional brand design
Intentional brand design
Intentional brand design

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