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Mockups are such an incredibly useful way for you to showcase your work or products in a beautiful, professional and realistic way. They are the perfect tool for designer to present their creations to clients or on their websites and social media. Given their usefulness, there are now heaps of websites that provide mockup templates - with many offering their products for free. Obviously, the lure of free products can be tempting but you have to take into account the quality of the mockups you are getting. Several free sites don't offer the highest resolution imagery or their mockups aren't professionally created which often means that the finished result doesn't look very realistic. When you have put passion, time and energy into creating beautiful designs and products, don't you want to showcase them in the best way possible?


I only found out about Moyo Studio* fairly recently but quickly became hooked on their products. They provide a simply stunning range of mockups, scene creators and stock photo collections shot by incredibly talented photo studios from around the world. Their current range of collections is wonderfully eclectic, with imagery to suit a huge range of businesses and brands, with all of the collections featuring perfectly styled and shot imagery, providing the perfect tool to promote your work in the very best possible light.


Once you have purchased a collection, the images are yours to edit in any way you please, such as changing the colours to suit your brand. If you have access to photo editing software, this opens up a world of possibilities for you to create the perfect imagery to complement your brand and products.

These files do require the use of Adobe Photoshop but have been so brilliantly created, they really are simple to edit to fit your needs. Each scene creator offers you the options to move any elements wherever you want, to add or delete components of a scene and to alter the colours and backgrounds. The options for each scene creator are quite literally endless which is amazing but can also feel a little bit overwhelming - hours can be spent manipulating the image in a myriad of ways!

In answer to this potential issue, Moyo have also created a range of pre-made scenes which come with each scene creator purchase to make your life that bit easier. Each of these pre-made scenes can also be fully edited if you do decide to change things up.

You receive both a PSD and JPEG file of all the mockups that come with each collection, which is perfect if you don't have access to Adobe Photoshop. You can simply use a free editing software such as Canva to input a frame and create your design. The PSD files are so easy to use, with layers all clearly labelled making it simple to create beautiful results even if you don't have a huge amount of knowledge of the programme.

As an added bonus (and equally as useful to me) Moyo have such a brilliant blog on their website packed with information and tips aimed at designers - it's beautifully written and really engaging - definitely worth checking out!

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