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If you choose either The Complete Package or my Strategic Brand Design package, a large part of each of these projects is the Brand Strategy Workshop. This usually takes place as a two to three hour Zoom call (or in person if you're based in Cornwall.)

The Brand Strategy Workshop is an intensive deep dive into all elements of strategy and deeper meaning behind your business, and it's from here that I am able to create a comprehensive, inspiring and strategic brand design and website that not only excites and inspires you but also appeals directly to your dream clients and customers and has them queuing up at your door!

However, the idea of brand strategy can seem quite vague if you don't know what it's all about so, in this blog post, I go into a bit more detail about what is included in the workshop.

open book, pot of tea and cup positioned by window


This section is all about the 'why' behind your business.


What excites you about your business? Why did you start in the first place, what are you looking to achieve and who are you trying to help?


Where do you see your business in 2, 5 and 10 year's time? What are you dream goals? If the purpose is the 'why' behind your business, then the vision is the 'where'.


Your values are the very core of your brand and are how you want to brand to be perceived by your ideal customers. Whilst you may not refer to your values in the everyday running of your business, they will always be there in the back of your mind and are the foundation of how your business is run.

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This section is all about your target audience, your competitors and where you will position yourself in the market.

target audience

Who is your ideal customer? Here we're not just looking for their age, sex and career but taking a deeper dive into understanding what challenges they face, what their values are and what goals they have. You need to be able to understand the needs and desires of your audience so that you can successfully position yourself as the perfect answer to what they're looking for.

market research

Here we take a look at your direct competitors and work out what makes you stand out from the crowd. Why should your customers choose you over everyone else? What do you have to offer that no-one else can?

awareness goals

How will your customers find you? What marketing channels will you use to raise the awareness of your brand and build an audience?

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This section is all about the personality behind your brand. We've all heard the quote that 'people buy from people'. This being the case, it's important that your brand fully represents who you are as a business so your audience can engage with the person behind the brand.

brand personality

If your brand was a person, what would they be like? We take a look at brand archetypes here and discover the personality behind your business.

brand voice

Your brand's personality come through in the words that you use throughout your marketing. Do you want to be seen as funny or serious, casual or formal? Your tone of voice should feel familiar to your target audience and allow them to engage with you.

colour psychology

Colour psychology plays a huge part of appealing to your target audience. In terms of colour palettes, each brand tends to fall into a particular 'season'. Once we work out which season your brand is, we can know what colours, tones and shades will be best suited to attract your dream clients. This exercise isn't about picking your favourite colours but about truly working out what colours will work best for your business.

brand imagery

Photography plays a huge role in building a cohesive brand identity and can also help attract your dream clients. In this section we will look at the style of photography that best suit your business. Once you have this nailed, you will find it much easier to select a photographer to create some bespoke brand images for you, as well as be able to select appropriate, perfectly on-brand stunning stock photos from websites such as Unsplash.

So, there we have it! An insight into exactly what goes into each Brand Strategy Workshop. Ready to get started and take the first step to creating your dream brand? Head to my contact page to get in touch and book your introductory call. I can't wait to hear from you!

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