Introducing my new package: The Start-Up Kit

I am a firm believer that strategy is an essential part of creating a brand design that truly reflects who you are as a business as well as appealing directly to your target audience and ideal customers. However, I also understand that, in the first couple of years of your business, it is quite common for you to pivot with your offerings and who your products or services are aimed towards. In this instance, investing your time and money in a full strategic brand design may not be the best option if, in a couple of years time, you have to go through the process again as your target audience and offerings have now changed.

This is why I have created The Start-Up Kit - a package specifically created for businesses who are in the first stages of setting up their dream business and launching it into the world!

what's included?

With The Start-Up Kit, together we will create a complete brand design that inspires you and fills you with confidence for launching your business in to the world. As well as this, you will also come away with one of my website templates - complete with your new brand colours, typography, graphics and on-brand imagery - ready for you to add your content and publish.

how does it work?


We will kick off the project with a range of exploration tasks for you to complete - Identifying your Brand, Your Target Audience, Website Research as well as the creation of some Pinterest boards with colours, designs, textures and imagery that you feel describes your brand. These questionnaires are not only essential for me to create a brand design that will appeal to your target audience but are also a really helpful exercise for you to know exactly what your business is about and who you're trying to help with your services or products.


After these tasks have been completed, we will get together for a call to go through the research and discuss some initial ideas for the brand.


I will then get to work creating two different versions of initial concepts for your branding. These will both include a colour scheme, typography selection, primary and secondary logo, submark and brand pattern. It is important to note that the designs I send across to you will not be copies of ideas you found on Pinterest. Whilst I think it's important to see your ideas for the brand in the Pinterest boards you create, my job as a designer is to create inspiring and unique brand designs that you not only love but that appeal directly to your target audience.


After you have provided feedback about which concept direction you would like to take, I will get to work refining all the details, making changes you have requested and creating the final version of your brand design. When complete, I will send you across all of your brand files in the correct format for digital and print. I will also send you over a set of brand guidelines that contain all of the information you need to be able to use your brand successfully moving forward.


You will now choose which of my website templates you would like and I will get to work adding your brand colours, typography and any graphics or patterns I have created for you. I will also replace the images across the site with a range of perfectly on-brand imagery to complete the look.


Once the website template is perfectly curated for your brand, I will transfer ownership of the site across to you so you can get to work adding all of your content, products and services. Don't worry though - you will also have full access to my Template Training Hub which will provide you with all the information you need to learn how to edit your shiny new website!