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Regardless of your profession, making mistakes is simply a part of being human and something that no one is exempt from. Over the years, I have worked for many companies and, whenever a mistake has been made, I have owned up immediately, had a discussion with my manager/boss to find a solution and have moved on quickly and effectively.

However, handling mistakes as a freelancer feels completely different. I don't have a superior to turn to and so the buck stops with me. As someone who already suffers quite a lot with self doubt, making mistakes in my business is especially hard. It can bring on feelings of inadequacy and make me question whether I am good enough to be doing this at all. Whenever I start having these sorts of feelings, I think of the following points to help me get back on track:

Making mistakes is okay

As I said before - everyone makes mistakes. Whether you have only just started your business or are a seasoned professional, making mistakes is an unavoidable part of life. What is key, however, is how you learn from them to ensure that you are not making the same mistakes twice! Take the time to sit back, work out what went wrong and how you can prevent that from happening again. In this way, not only are you able to fix the mistakes you have made but you gain more knowledge and skills to help further your business for the future -rendering the mistake not just an inevitable aspect of life but a crucial tool in helping grow your business.

You are not alone

Although you may be the only person in your business, it is so important to remember that there are thousands of people in exactly the same position as you; all with their own companies and all dealing with their own achievements, losses and set backs. I think it is crucial to surround yourself with other freelancers and learn from them as much as possible. Working as a freelancer can be quite lonely at times, so creating that support network from other people in the same situation can be a real lifesaver.

Remember why you started your business in the first place

This is such an important point to help get perspective when I am doubting myself. Quite simply, I love what I do. Web and brand design and photography is something I thoroughly enjoy. Whenever I get a new client, I am so excited to start work, and this passion provides me with drive throughout my working day. This in itself is enough to convince me that I should stick at it – even when times are tough. Whilst I wouldn’t consider myself a particularly ambitious person, I am eager and focused on growing my business and to keep striving ahead, always learning and moving forward to ensure that I can keep doing the work that makes me happy.

As always, I would love to hear from you if you have any other tips or advice for this topic or, if you are currently doubting your abilities, simply fancy a chat.

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