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As you may have seen, I recently rebranded my business, Octarine Design. Some of you who have been here from the beginning will notice that it has only been about a year since I last changed up the branding for my business...why did I feel the need to change it again?


The last time I changed my branding, I didn't have a clear understanding of the importance of brand strategy and simply knew that my original branding no longer represented my business. I wanted something that was more professional and modern but didn't feel comfortable straying too far from my original design. What I ended up with was a pretty design but one that lacked strategy and intention.


Over the last year, my business has gone through changes and I've taken the time to really focus on the mission and goals I want to achieve. I've learnt so much more about brand strategy and the importance strategy has in creating a brand that not only looks nice but also truly represents me, my business and my target audience.

It was whilst going on this journey that I knew my current branding just wasn't right. It wasn't that I was embarrassed to show people but it just didn't feel like me. It didn't reflect my personality or my target audience and it didn't represent the passion that I have for my work and my desire to elevate my business. So, I trusted my gut and made the decision to rebrand.

The last couple of months have been pretty incredible. I have undergone a strategic brand transformation that has not only resulted in a visual identity that is a perfect representation of everything my business stands for but also provided me with the foundations to know exactly how to engage with my target audience in a way that feels truly authentic to me.


I knew this was exactly what I wanted to offer my clients and so (after a lot more hard work...) I developed and launched my new offering: Elevate & Thrive - a six-week strategic experience to transform your brand and elevate your business. This offering is for those adventurous business owners who are so ready to elevate and scale their business but know in their gut that their current branding just isn't right. They're not attracting those clients they've been dreaming about and know that something needs to change. If this sounds just like you, you can find out all the details here.


As a business owner you have to make all the decisions and this can be totally draining and stressful. But please try to remember: you are the expert in your own business. Although others can help guide you, every single business is different and ultimately you know what is best for your business. Start trusting your gut instincts and making the decisions that may seem difficult now, but you know will help your business to thrive.

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