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Yes, you've created an amazing offering that you're incredibly passionate about and you have worked so hard to make sure it's the perfect fit for your ideal clients. But, let's be honest here, a lot of your competitors probably offer similar types of services...

The no. 1 reason your ideal clients are going to choose you over your competition is because of YOU.

Your personality and your passion are your ultimate USP. This is what makes you stand out from your competition because no one else can do what you do in exactly the same way. You are what makes your business unique and so it's your personality that needs to shine through in your branding and marketing.

Yes, I realise that I have used the word 'you' a ridiculous number of times in that last paragraph but you get the point... 😂


During Elevate & Thrive, a huge part of the brand design process is focussed on strategy. By taking a deep dive into the heart of your business, we can create a brand that is infused with your personality, totally represents your business and that your ideal clients can't get enough of. By taking a strategic approach, we can not only create an incredible visual identity for your brand, but also provide you with the foundations you need to successfully market yourself - in a way that feels authentic to you. By taking the time to work out exactly what your ideal clients are looking for, you can create content that allows your personality to shine through.


Take a moment to step back and look at your brand as a whole - your brand design, your website, your messaging, the content your create - does it feel like you? Is it as unique as you or does it look and sound a bit like everyone else..? If your answer leaves you feeling a bit despondent try to think of one thing you can do to inject more of your personality into your business.

Maybe it's a big change - investing in a rebrand to create something that truly represents you and your business (if so, hey! I'd absolutely love to help. Let's chat 😊) Or, maybe it's on a smaller scale. Showing your face in an Instagram post that reintroduces you to your followers; updating the 'About' page on your website with more of your personality.

Whatever you choose, keep in mind how important YOU are to your business. It's what makes you stand out and why your ideal clients want to work with you. You are a fucking legend and are the reason your business will succeed.


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