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Hi there, I'm Cire (pronounced Kiri), a brand and website designer based in Cornwall. Thanks for stopping by.  Now sit back, grab a cuppa and enjoy browsing...



Creating a new colour palette for a business is such an exciting part of the design as well as being integral to the overall feel and success of the brand.

I usually create the logos and submarks in black and white first so I can be sure that the design works, but it's when I add colours that everything really comes together.

Choosing the right colours for your brand is something that requires a lot of thought and consideration and is a whole other subject that I will write a separate blog post on. However, once you have the general idea of what colours you want to be using, here are a few tools that I use to refine my choices and select my final palette:

1. Adobe Color

I find this website really useful if I have a particular colour that I know I want to use and want to see what other colours would work alongside it. The homepage brings up the colour wheel and there are several options down the left hand side for you to test, once you've entered in the hex code for your base colour.

If you don't know the hex code, you can also drag the circles around the colour wheel to make the colour you're looking for, as in the video below.

2. Canva Color Palette Generator

Canva is such a useful programme for all types of design work, and one I would definitely recommend using - especially if you don't have knowledge, or access to, Adobe products. They also have a really useful tool called Canva Color Palette Generator, where you can upload a photo and they create a colour palette using the colours from the image. If you don't have a particular image in mind, you can also browse their selection of demo photos, where you can select one that has similar colours to what you're looking for.

3. Color Name

Similar to Adobe Color, this website is great if you have the hex code a colour and want to find out what colours would work well. Simply croll down the page, or select the Palettes or Shades button. It also gives you all the other colour code information such as RGB, CMYK, closest Pantone colour if you need that information.

If you don't have a hex code or a particular colour in mind, they also have a trending colours and popular hex code sections to give you inspiration.

Another cute feature is that they provide the colour name for any colour you enter - something I particularly like. 😊

Selecting colour palettes is such a fun part of designing a brand so I hope you find these tools useful and enjoy experimenting!

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