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Hi there, I'm Cire (pronounced Kiri), a brand and website designer based in Cornwall. Thanks for stopping by.  Now sit back, grab a cuppa and enjoy browsing...



Thought it might be handy for you to see what equipment I take with me on a shoot. This is specifically for shooting interiors but the main elements are the same for all my shoots.

1. My camera body

I have a Canon 5diii and I love it. I'm really not into the tech side of photography and definitely don't feel the need to always get the latest models etc. I bought this several years ago now and it is still an incredible piece of kit.

2. 70-200mm lens

Not my most frequently used lens on an interior shoot but really handy for capturing details and tricky angles.

3. 24-70mm lens

Perfect for capturing wide angles of the rooms and fitting in as much detail as possible in the shot.

4. My trusty 50mm lens

I love this lens. It's just the cheap Canon version that came with the very first camera kit I bought when I was 17 but it has stood the test of time and is perfect for capturing small details in the house.

5. Spare batteries!

I always have at least three batteries with me on a shoot. I make sure they're fully charged the night before and I also bring a charger with me just in case.

6. Multiple memory cards

Always handy to have a spare as you never know if it'll be needed.

7. Remote shutter release

I use this to be extra confident that no movement occurs when taking the shot.

8 & 9. Flash gun and reflector

I tend to use natural light where ever possible however, this flash gun is very handy for filling in the light where needed, especially when used in conjunction with the reflector.

10. Tripod

Essential for crisp, sharp images and also for creating tracking shots when filming.

I would love to hear from you if you have any questions about my kit or my process.

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