Why I use Wix to create my clients' websites

If you do a Google search of the best website building platforms available you're likely to find that the top two that show up are Wix and Squarespace. Having read numerous blog posts on the pros and cons of both it seems that they are fairly equally matched. So, why do I choose Wix as my platform of choice?

Quite simply, Wix was recommended to me by a friend many years ago and was the first site I used to create a blog for my photography. I found it so user friendly and simple to create beautiful designs with no web development knowledge at all.

Since then, I have created many sites on Wix and have been very impressed by the huge range of options available to turn a website from a very simple design that performs the basic functions well, to a beautiful, intricate site that can handle e purchases, online bookings and comprehensive email marketing campaigns making Wix suitable for small independent freelancers to larger, multifaceted businesses.

Over 500 templates

There are a huge range of templates designed to suit various website functions, but the great thing with each of these is that they can be altered and amended in any way to create bespoke designs so you can be sure your new site isn't just a carbon copy of the most popular template design!

Total design freedom

Unlike Squarespace, Wix allows total design freedom, allowing you to drag and drop elements anywhere within a page - you are not constrained by the Squarespace box structure.

App market

The range of additional apps that are available to add to your site is staggering, many of which are free up until a certain point.

Fully mobile responsive

Wix automatically optimises your site for use on mobile and there is the function to edit your mobile page in the same way as you would your regular site, allowing you the freedom to ensure your site is looking its best however people are viewing it.

Industry leading SEO

Once I have finished designing a client's site, Wix offers a comprehensive SEO plan to ensure that the site is as visible as possible on Google from day one. Google Analytics can also be linked to your site to provide you with all the information needed to ensure that your site is working for you and bringing in visitors.

Intuitive support

I also find the Wix support structure to be brilliant. Wix has a huge number of articles to help with any query and all of them are easy to understand and provide additional links for further information.

Wix Partner Program

Having created multiple sites with Wix, I am now part of the Wix Partner Program and one of the benefits of this is that, if I still need help, I get priority support from their tech team. This means that any issues that occur can be dealt with quickly and efficiently. Being a Wix Partner also allows me to have access to the latest updates that Wix provides and to be the first to hear about any new features and functions that Wix release to their customers.

I would love to hear from you if you have any questions regarding Wix and please feel free to check out my packages if you are looking to create a new website.

Thanks for reading!