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strategic brand & packaging design 


Salty Gecko is a concept I created for an eco friendly and sustainable skincare range, aimed specifically at people who love the outdoors and adventuring, based in Cornwall.

I wanted to veer away from the traditional neutral tones that are commonly used for skincare brands as I was trying to appeal to a young demographic and wanted the brand to appear bold and playful with eye catching packaging that demands attention!


The pattern for the packaging design was the first element that was created for this design. The use of tropical leaves and vibrant, bold colours helps to instils feelings of holidays, travel and adventure. The eye-catching design of the pattern and use of colour would also help this packaging stand out on the shelf and cause shoppers to stop in their tracks.

Image by Jeremy Bishop
Salty Gecko logo design
product packaging design


All elements of the logo design are intentionally designed to appeal to a younger audience of adventure seekers, from the textured and rough feel to the logo, the use of a lowercase, modern san serif font and the subtle addition of an exclamation mark. 

Sustainability is a core value of this brand so it was important to display their eco-friendly credentials and sustainable ethos across the packaging design.

salty gecko packaging design
Strategic brand design
Brand Moodboard & Colour Palette
Brand & Packaging Design
Brand & Packaging Design
salty gecko packaging design
brand design
brand design
brand design

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