Survival Wisdom is an outdoor resilience training company, based in Cornwall. When I came on board, they already had a logo but not much else in the way of branding. I have produced several brochures and social media templates for them, as well as creating more comprehensive brand guidelines.

I was also tasked with giving their website a refresh. There is a lot of vital information that needed to be included in Survival Wisdom's platform, so it was important to create a site that incorporated this detail without losing the creativity and vision of the company.


The Green Prescription is a subsidiary of Survival Wisdom that will be launched as a separate company in due course. It was important that the Green Prescription profile sat separately to Survival Wisdom but incorporated a similar aesthetic. This allowed me to experiment with different colour pallets, whilst retaining the connection to Survival Wisdom. 

Check out the site here
Survival Wisdom
Cire was highly recommended to me by a trusted corporate friend, who said that she was extremely talented and a skilled design and marketing professional. During her work with our team, she has proven to be that and more! She has delivered a spectacular website and other unique marketing design solutions.
As a professional photographer she is able to interpret and present our corporate ethos and story in an extremely creative and exciting way. She has tremendous energy and passion for the work she does and this shows in her amazing results! 


If you are looking to have a website made or updated, or would like to freshen up your brand and create some new and exciting marketing collateral, please don't hesitate to get in touch.

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