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Unique website templates



Hiring a designer to create a custom website is a big investment for your business. If you are just starting out, it can be an expense that you aren't able to budget for.

This is why I have created a range of website templates that will provide you with a beautifully designed, responsive website that attracts your dream clients but at a price you can afford.

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who it's for

My template collection is perfect for ecommerce or service based businesses in a range of industries including:

  • photographers

  • course providers

  • social media managers

  • business coaches

  • designers

  • educators

  • small shop owners

  • Are you a small ecommerce or service based business who is just starting out or are in your first couple years of trading?

  • Do you want a website that, not only looks amazing, but has been designed specifically to attract and converts clients, however you don't know how to create one yourself?

  • Do you know the importance of a website that attracts potential clients, builds their trust in your business and converts them to paying customers, but you don't have the budget to invest in a custom designed website?

  • Once your website is up and running (and looking fabulous!) do you want to be able to easily make edits yourself without having to learn how to code?

Octarine Design

so, what's included?


Now, more than ever, it's important to have a website that looks good on all devices, whether that's mobile, tablet or laptop. My template collection has been designed to work perfectly across the whole range of screen sizes.


Wix is a 'drag and drop' website building platform that means you can easily customise your new site without needing to learn how to code.


Each template is optimised for search engines and each SEO setting is easily customisable so you can ensure your new website is getting as much reach as possible.


Wix is one of the most user-friendly website building platforms around. With its intuitive interface and dedicated Theme Manager, you are able to customise your new template, and have it looking perfectly 'on-brand' in a few simple steps.


Each template purchase comes with access to my comprehensive Template Training Hub, featuring step-by-step video guides on how to make all the necessary edits to your new site.


Wix has hundreds of helpful articles as well as a support team that you can contact via email and phone to provide answers to any other questions you might have.

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Springtime website template imagery

are you looking for...

...a website that you are proud to shout about? A website that looks like no other? A website that's the perfect fit for your new business?

A template from my collection will provide you with a stunning new website that is built purposefully to attract and convert potential clients, and at a fraction of the cost of hiring a designer.

how does it work?


Purchase a shiny new template from my collection. When purchasing, make sure that the email you use is also the one you want to be linked to your Wix account.


Accept the transfer of ownership invite email you will receive from Wix. Once you accept the invite you will be taken to Wix where you will create an account.


Edit and launch your shiny new site with ease, using the Training Hub to help you along the way, then shout about it from the rooftops!

the collection

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A premium e-commerce template for service based providers

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A premium, e-commerce template for small online shops

Copy of website templates

A premium, template for service based providers

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So, you've purchased your beautiful new template but you simply don't have the time to add all your content and make it your own. 

Trust me, I know how never-ending the list of tasks seem when setting up a new business! Worry not though, because I also offer a template customisation service, starting from just £250.

If you have all the content and branding for your site (including colour scheme and font selection), please just head to my contact page, fill out the enquiry form and I'll be in touch.

template customisation

If you're just starting out in your business and don't have any branding yet, then my new package - The Start-Up Kit - includes a full brand design as well as one of my website templates, fully customised in your beautiful new branding.

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a little bit about me

Octarine Design
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I'm Cire, pronounced Kiri, and I'm passionate about creating inspiring, strategic brands and websites for small, ambitious businesses. 

However, I also want to be able to help those businesses who are just starting out and may not be in the position to invest in a custom built website and full, strategic brand design.

This is why I've created my collection of stunning website templates, designed intentionally to attract and convert those potential customers for a fraction of the cost of hiring a designer.


frequently asked questions

I already have a website. Can I transfer everything across to Wix?

You are able to easily transfer your domain name and also set up 301 redirects where necessary. These make sure that, whatever links people are clicking on to access your site, it will take them to the relevent new page instead of a website that no longer exists. In terms of content, this will all need to be manually added to your new site. However, if you have a blog created using Wordpress, Wix has the functionality to transfer across all of your blog posts to your new site in one go.

What is a website template?

A website template is a professionally designed, pre-made website that has already been created for you, so all you need to do is add your imagery and content, packages, products etc. It's the perfect option if you are just starting out in your business and don't have the budget for a custom built website.

Do I need to pay for anything else, other than the website template?

Although it is possible to publish your website for free using Wix, you will not be able to connect a custom domain name so, yes, you will also have to pay for a Wix premium subscription as well as the cost of your template. The subscription costs vary depending on whether you need the ability to accept payments (both Springtime and Summer Daze will require an e-commerce subscription) but are currently £9.50 per month for their Unlimited plan and £13 per month for their Business Basic plan (for e-commerce). You will also need to purchase a domain name (e.g. if you haven't already. All Wix subscriptions come with a FREE one year domain name subscription.

Can I return the website template?

Due to the digital nature of the project, once you have accepted the transfer ownership invite, all sales are final. If you need help editing your site, please get in touch to enquire about my template customisation service

Can you help me customise my website?

Yes I can! If you simply don't have the time to edit your new template and make it your own, I offer a template customisation service. Simply head to my contact page and fill out the enquiry form and I'll be in touch. Please note that you will need to have all of your content and branding created (including colour schemes and font selections) for this service. If you don't have your own branding yet, my new package - The Start-Up Kit includes a full brand design as well as one of my website templates, fully customised with your stunning new branding.

Why do you use Wix?

I find Wix to not only be the most user-friendly website building platform around, but also the one with the most functionality. It is a drag-and-drop platform which means there are no limits in terms of what you can create. It is fully mobile responsive and has a huge range of tools for SEO. I also go into a lot more detail about why I use Wix in this blog post, if you want to find out more.

What can I change in the template?

Absolutely everything! The template has been designed so that all you really need to add is your content and branding but, if you want, you are able to add or delete any elements, pages or functionality. Endless opportunities for a template that is able to grow with your business.