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Becca Williams.

brand photography for Becca Williams


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Becca Williams is a jeweller and goldsmith based out of Penryn in Cornwall. Her business is now in a position where she wants to be more selective about the type of commissions she takes on. Becca wanted her brand to appeal to customers who share her values; appreciate her unique style and aspire to have a statement piece designed by Becca which they can treasure and pass down as future heirlooms.

brand collateral design for Becca Williams
logo design for jewellery designer
logo design for jewellery designer


For Becca's brand design, we wanted it to have an elevated and high quality feel, whilst also feeling organic and natural.


Imperfect lines and playing around with lettering position help to reaffirm the fluidity of her design style and emphasise the freedom Becca's customers have to make their own decisions without the need to conform to traditional ideals.

logo design for jewellery designer
Brand & Product Photography


We were very keen to incorporate the themes of heritage and tradition that are such a important part of this industry. But we also wanted to balance this with Becca's unique style.


The submark is formed from each of the letters of Becca's name as well as including stylised versions of the alchemic symbols for gold, silver and fire - some of the key components in jewellery making. All these details come together to create a striking, unique and truly meaningful mark.

logo design for jewellery designer
jewellery product photography
brand photography for Becca Williams
jewellery product photography
social media templates for jeweller
e commerce website design for jeweller

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