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Inspired by our move to North Cornwall, Bosow is my latest personal project - a tapas restaurant based in Port Issac. This restaurant is a celebration of all things Cornish - only serving the most fresh incredible local produce that Cornwall has to offer. Even the name has its roots firmly in Cornish soil - bosow translates as meal or food in Cornish. As well as the importance of provenance, Bosow is also proud of creating simple but elevated dishes that champion individual ingredients. 


The idea of simplicity with a focus on natural and organic produce was a key theme that I wanted to bring in to the brand design. From the logo variations to the custom graphics - all the lines used in the design are organic and irregular, with a hand-drawn feel. This, combined with an earthy and vibrant colour palette, help to convey these ideas, as well as highlighting the creativity and style of Bosow.

Cornish Brand Design


For the logotype, I chose a font that feels modern, bold and also welcoming. The rounded edges and playful design also add personality. Although Bosow is a small restaurant, it is bold and confident in it's unique offering.


For the brand typography I used a strong and modern san-serif font - all in uppercase - to help showcase the confidence and self-assured feel of this restaurant. 

Quirky touches touches, such as the scroll effects on the website, and the odd coloured wine glass in the brand pattern all help to draw on the creative, fun and unique personality of the brand. 

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Sustainable Brand & Website Design
Cornish Restaurant Brand Design
Sustainable Brand & Website Design

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