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She, Who Leads is a personal project for a female-led business that aims to empower and support female business owners through their unique membership offerings. Providing courses, seminars, events and a dedicated community of like-minded women, She, Who Leads is the perfect platform for bold female founders to step up and take charge of their business.


I wanted all elements of this brand and website design to feel confident, bold and unapologetic - whilst still feeling feminine and fun. The font used for the logo feels unique and eye-catching, full of rounded and flowing curves which feels full of movement and fun. I chose simplistic and soft sans-serif options for the brand fonts, which feel personable and fun, whilst also bold and to the point. I paired this with a strong hand written script font, help to add personality. 

brand and website design for female community
bold and unique brand design


I was keen for the website to make a statement - full of the brand's personality, with quirky features combined with several clear and engaging calls to action. The purpose of the website is to build trust with She, Who Leads audience, allow them to feel empowered and confident enough to take control and sign up for their membership. The use of powerful imagery of confident, thriving women help to support this purpose - showing their audience what's possible. 

collateral design for She, Who Leads
logo design for female founders

Anytime, Anywhere

website design for female founders
website design for female founders
brand design for bold female founders
website design for female founders

One space left for new client projects in 2023. Together, let's transform your brand. 

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