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How to start scaling your business.

Updated: May 13

Scaling your business may just sound like a corporate buzzword, and something that only applies to businesses who want to make it into the FTSE 100 but, at it's very essence, the phrase simply means taking steps to build a thriving business, one that gives you the freedom and the flexibility to spend your time do more of the things you love, safe in the knowledge that your business is flourishing.

What does scaling your business mean to you?

The amazing thing about scaling is that the process can mean different things to every single business. No two businesses are the same and the results they aspire to can be widely different. Here are just a few of the ways you can start scaling your business today.

So, take your business for example, at the moment you are your business. You wear all the hats: from CEO to accountant, to social media manager, to business advisor, to admin assistant - you do it all. And whilst you may have those clients coming in, you're also working all the hours under the sun to make sure that everything runs smoothly. And that can only last so long before you get burnt out and start resenting your business.

Rediscover your why.

Taking a step back to re-evaluate and re-discover the 'why' behind your business can be such a helpful practice to go through every so often, especially when you're starting to feel burnt out. Really dig deep into the reason why your business exists and use these answers to help you move in the right direction. What aspects of your business do you absolutely love? Are there maybe services you offer that aren't attracting the type of clients you want? Can you potentially start outsourcing some of those jobs that are keeping you from focussing on the parts of your business that really matter?

Raising your prices.

Does this sound familiar? You're constantly having to justify your prices and are only attracting clients that want 'the cheapest offering'. You know you should be charging more for the amount of value you provide your clients, but haven't wanted to take that step because you're worried clients won't pay the higher price. Don't worry, I completely get it. When we first start our business it's only natural for us to say yes to every client that comes our way - we're massively grateful to be getting any clients at all and, let's be honest, it's all good experience (even those clients who caused you so much stress at the time!)

But, the thing is, by raising your prices you will actually begin to attract the very type of clients you want to work with - those that know the value you provide and are happy to pay knowing the service they'll receive. Those clients that you feel completely aligned with and that allow you to do the work that you're passionate about.

(Just taking a second to toot my own horn here:) If you know you should be charging more for your offerings, investing in a strategic brand design that represents just how amazing and unique your business is - allows you to immediately raise your prices with confidence, so you can start attracting those higher ticket clients. So, what are you waiting for..?

Learning that it's okay to say no.

Running your own business can be tough - you are the boss and so it's down to you to make all of the decisions. Whilst this can be really empowering, sometimes it can also be bloody hard. How do you know if you're doing the right thing? What if you get it wrong? So many opportunities for anxiety to wriggle it's way in to your thoughts! But taking the time to sit back and think about what is best for you and your business at this time and then making a decision purely on what you think is right is such a huge moment of growth for you and is definitely one way to start scaling your business. Trusting your gut instincts and being proud of the decision you make, knowing that you are creating space to focus on the parts of your business that fill you with joy.

Slow and sustainable growth.

You don't have to implement any or all of these things all at once. Remember that this is your business - you get to choose your journey. I fully believe that the key to building a thriving business is through slow and sustainable growth; through taking the time to sit back and reflect on what's working and what you're looking to achieve and for celebrating all the wins, the large and the small. Keep reminding yourself of how far you've come and what amazing things you're going to achieve next.

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